The Staff


Age: 23
Bio: Yamataro is the leader, founder, and all around Father to the Let's Review family. He takes his reviews in stride, doing them with non-baised fact, giving everyone a chance to improve. He does not bash, he does not heckle, and if he reviews you, he will not call you back for a second date after that crappy last night stand you pulled. His reviews come in sometimes weeks from each other, But when he reviews, he reviews it like a pro. So if you ask for a review by him, expect to get nothing but the god honest truth. This author also take the form of Mutsumi, Dante, and Diataro for some reviews. This author also might be having relationships with Malakite behind BDR's back.


Eluna Odis
Age: 30
Bio: Eluna is a no nonsense kind of reviewer, she always goes into any sort of genre or style neutral because he does believe in giving even the most overdone comics or overused genres a chance to prove themselves different from the crowd. If your comic is bad, she will tear it apart and literally burn your ass without even blinking an eyelash, she's nothing short of coming off like a condescending snarky bitch to some people, but if people read between the lines, behind the excessive anger and rude vulgar commentary she can make, she offers sound advice that would ACTUALLY help the author improve their comic greatly. Some of her qualifying credentials as a reviewer are: 6 years sprite comic author, previous owner of 2 websites dedicated to her work. Some notes before you ask Eluna to review your comic: She is a harsh reviewer and will nitpick at anything she can in any way she can, she's a big stickler for Story and Plot, so if either of those are lacking in her view, well prepare for harsh commentary and low marks.