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.....It's been a long time.....

It's been over 4 years. How are all of you doing? For those who are new here since the comic went into revival mode I am the secondary moderator to this group Malakite, nice to finally meet you all.

So for those who have been here long enough wondering where the hell I've been, well not to air out too much of my laundry about life but around the time I stopped posting I had some falling out with a couple of my closest friends who were also reviewers here at some point which I'm guessing they probably left long ago too. In the time I've been trekking along getting things back in order and living life haha.

Well now after having some discussions with Yamataro, I went back and read the entire archive of this place from the beginning to when I was around causing havoc. Malakite sure had a very spastic angry view to everything but he also came with some great advice.

In all honesty, I have long since abandoned the persona of Malakite and I don't feel a return of Malakite for reviewing will happen as the flame of interest in the character has long since burnt out. That being said though I have a new persona/character who is equally as awesome...and angry as Malakite with a sweet spot for helping others.

So from this day onward I, Malakite will now be known as Eluna Odis ^^

Lastly to my wall of text, there is a high probability to me returning to doing a few reviews here and there.

All aboard to non existent hype train!

~Ciao for now.

posted by Malakite @ September 12th, 2015, 7:25 am  -  0 Comments

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