Sonic Misadventure DX

December 9th, 2009, 9:37 am

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Author Comments:

  Yamataro, December 9th, 2009, 12:47 pm

Malakite's Colored Commentary(Every nubcake reviewer here):

LOL Waffles(re-review):

Planet B:

TLS (Chapter 6 onwards):

Nio Transient Pulse:

Mecha Vicious Unleashed(Yamataro):

Pogeymanz (D00D64):

Senoire Delirium 2: Rivalry

Animal War (pooppoop):

Damsel and Loki in Distress(Luna Prongs):

The Ultimate Videogame War: (Shadow The Unborn)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Death:

Sonic Author Zone:


The War on Smackjeeves:

Sonic Storm:

Boy Witch Takato: (metaishopeless)

Summon (Badx maybe probably):

Kirby Adventures:

Curt and Tony (Mikk'em)

1,2,3 Step(Malakite and Zanoh):

Half Assed Chaos:

The Four Seasons(BaldDumboRat):

I'm A Shaman:

Still Life (Malakite):

Legendary Adventure: (re-review):

Sonic Haunted House (re-review):

Pogeymanz Art Dump:


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Reader Comments:


*braces himself for impact*


Funny review btw. At first I read the last part ass 4/10 and was like "That's too generous!", but then I looked over it again and it was 4/50.


posted by Momentosis on December 9th, 2009, 10:01 am


Eyughh, sorry to nitpick but some review advice:

Your text in the word bubbles you have is a bit too smushed in to the left. Try making the bubbles a little wider and center your text a bit more, so it wont look so close to being cut off.

Also, don't forget to post the list.

posted by BaldDumboRat on December 9th, 2009, 11:15 am


Alright! Thanks to both of you. I'm new to this comic. But, what list?

posted by Plazmaz on December 9th, 2009, 11:27 am


The list. The one you completely ignored. :/ I mean this isn't even on the list.
Also, I need to review. :/
I'll do Mecha Vicious I guess.

posted by Yamataro on December 9th, 2009, 12:46 pm


Do me a favor Plazmaz. Get another avatar. I mean really, way to steal Yakman's.

posted by Afrohawkman on December 9th, 2009, 7:04 pm


oh. Sorry. I didn't mean to steal anything. I remember seeing a fourway band like that, and I thought it was a good idea. I made this myself, but if it's honestly that close, I'll change it right away.

I'm sorry. I'm completely new, and I guess I didn't understand all of this. I can delete it if you want. I think I understand though, I need to review from the list? I dunno. If you could send me the complete rules that would be cool.

posted by Plazmaz on December 9th, 2009, 8:26 pm


You don't have to review comics on the list. I mean, sometimes people will PM you personally to ask you specifically for a review. I'm not sure if that's the case here, but just so ya knowz.

posted by metaishopeless on December 9th, 2009, 10:17 pm

  Now now gentlemen

This is his first review and he did alright. Nice going there guy. Just be sure to follow your bretheren's advice.

Kudos to ya. You did a good review.

posted by Zanoh on December 10th, 2009, 7:26 am



Yeah, I guess I wasn't exactly clear on ALL the rules. No body PM'd me, but I thought since it was almost a month since anybody updated, I just wanted to get this rolling again.

Thanks! And before I do another review, I'll make sure to resd ALL the rules.

posted by Plazmaz on December 10th, 2009, 7:52 am


Good. :D

posted by Yamataro on December 10th, 2009, 8:06 am


All these awful sprite comics...

Why not review a truly awful drawn comic?

Half Assed Chaos!

It's on the list, now someone give me my 0/50! Mwuahahahahahahahahahah!!!!


And if being whiney ass bitch doesn't work lets try this. Please would someone review my truly awful comic. I would be eternally grateful. "wink wink nudge nudge"

posted by HalfAssedChaos on December 10th, 2009, 4:04 pm


My name needs to be put under pogeymanz art dump please and thank you D:

posted by BaldDumboRat on December 10th, 2009, 6:06 pm

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