Buttshot review [Cresent Night]

August 1st, 2009, 12:48 pm

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Well it's a better score than people at N-Forums would have given me (likely a 0.1/1,000,000). I agree with you about almost everything now that I look back.

I also like how you actually point out the good in this comic, no matter how low the score is, something contructive critics at most places never bother to do (SPPf is an excellent example of this).

Things that left me confused was how you said Coconut talks in leetspeak. See, he did actually use leetspeak for one line, in the comic titled "Rude Awakening". But other than that...yeah he mispronounces rather big words, but otherwise he talks normal with a retarded tone wafting around him, from what I remember writing. Oh, and "BEWBEEZ" in the first strip, but you know.

I noticed you acknowledged that Master Chief is more evil than Reddenblachker by principle, but that was intentional. Master Chief was raised to be a brutal warrior, whereas Reddenblachker has a career in the genetic experimental division of the Covenant (a rather non-violent job).

I agree with you about the Locust Horde, COG, and other characters never moving a muscle. But I have an excuse for the COG and Locust; those were my own custom edits, and edits are very time-consuming. I am working on other poses for the characters as we speak, however. One rather unnoticable pose that is newer goes to the Grenadier as he mans the Troika Turret on the Reaver in the (currently) newest comic, titled "Go Screw Yourself, Lorgasm!" I'm also going to work on new poses for the Reavers, as well as eventually make Kantus and Skorge sprites, plus Brumak and Bloodmount sprites. So, I may ask for a re-review in the future.

Blood effects are also something people keep asking me to improve on. I had no idea blood sprites existed to tell you the honest truth, but I will definitely look into using them because my current blood effects are something I KNOW that need some major improvement.

Comic length is something I've seen people comment about as well. I don't know what to do about it from reading this review though, because it seems to be something you like and dislike at the same time. So...yeah.

So I get what you're saying. And you also pointed things out that other critics did not, so thanks for that as well. Over all, thanks for this review.

But keep in mind, a request for a second opinion is inevitable. I assume you're keeping up with the comic, as you fav'd it, so I probably don't have to tell you where the (hopefully) improved strips start.

This review has made me want to make another strip to try some other improvements out...

Anyway, all that's left on the list that's mine is ARK, so whoever's up to reviewing that...it's all yours if you call dibs first. :P

posted by Ultimate Ridley on August 1st, 2009, 1:47 pm

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