Children Of Ekka

January 15th, 2011, 4:17 pm

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Author Comments:

  Yamataro, January 15th, 2011, 4:21 pm

Oh look at that... Me And Malakite Update on the same day...WAIT WHAT?!

Comic Profile-

Anyway, As Malakite requested, I've fixed some things, so that should be good. I'm glad to see this place more alive then it was. I'm sad to see some leave, but their reasons are understandable. So then... I'm also leaving per say.... I have to go back to College. Fun, I know. But yeah, so I might not update for a few weeks... (Surprise, Surprise)


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Reader Comments:


WEll, I'm staying here, but I won't be updating. No Change really.

posted by Yamataro on January 15th, 2011, 4:55 pm


Haha that sounds like CoE in a nutshell alright!

Seeing as its only 30 pages in, I'm glad it scored this high. My past comics have been a LOT more fast paced, but have suffered because of it. I'm trying to slow things down and develop the characters without forced dialogue.


Shading/art- I realize my hatching is gross at times. Hurr hurr....guilty....
Problem is, I use all black and white with no grayscale. It's all traditional. My only options are to well...get better at shading. xP

Also, what did you think of the art quality?

Plot- As for the plot, you have the general beginning premise down. I'm glad it makes sense! My previous comics were kind of confusing. Be warned though--there are some twists you will never see coming!

Originality- I deserve this score. It is VERY cliche, but seeing where the plot was kind of from a Gaia Online RP from 2004. Nostalgia to the next level! Well, the premise at least.

Thanks for your insight! This might have been the lowest score I've gotten for my three comics--but its a fun score. It motivates me to kick into gear and not assume my comic is the best thing since cupcakes.

posted by Chabo on January 15th, 2011, 9:54 pm


Cupcakes. See, THAT is where you messed up.

But beyond that, the art style was very unique. It's a little different, which can be good or bad, but overall it was neat and tidy. But that style is almost kid friendly, so I can't say with this type of comic, if that's goo or bad.

posted by Yamataro on January 15th, 2011, 10:44 pm

  Oh Dear....

Looks like me and mal might be the only ones updating. XD

posted by Zanoh on January 15th, 2011, 11:33 pm

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I'd just like to say that I can't update anytime soon. I have an operation comic up and I have to travel out of the state early for pre-op, so I'll be very busy, not to mention, away from my computer with photoshop. Cheers.

posted by Noodles on January 18th, 2011, 8:46 pm

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