How to Apply for a Review:
- Comic must be at least 10 pages long.
- Author must be willing to accept that their comic may not be the best in the world.
- Author must be willing to accept that any author can take their comic unless requested by name.
- Post a comment on the Newest Review, which will be added to our list.
- If your review is not listed within a week, please contact Yamataro, and that will be fixed.
- We do have the right to deny you a review if we believe that all it will do is cause a conflict.

How to apply as a reviewer:
- Must be willing to submit a dummy review to Yamataro.
- Dummy review can be of any comic, On or Off SJ, but you must provide a link to said comic.
- This review, unless the comic is on the list, is not to be posted.
- Review must look and sound as professional as can be. Adding pictures helps.
- If review is not up to par, you will be expected to redo it if you wish to enter.
- If your dummy review is accepted, I will either invite you or ask you to send in an Application.
- I do have the right to say no to your application if you do not follow these rules, or if I believe that you are not up for the job.

What to review:
- To all new reviewers, it's pretty simple. We have a list, located on the newest comic.
- This list consists of all comics that we were asked to review.
- Do not review any other comic besides those on the list.

Are We professional:
- No. We don't get paid to do this, and we do this for the fun or for the ability to read more comics. While we try to be professionable about it, there have been times when our opinions get in the way. In this case, ask for a re-review of your comic.

How to apply for a Re-review:
- Must follow all rules as to apply for a comic.
- Must say that it is a re-review when requesting it.
- Must accept the score that you may recieve.
- If the second review is not up to par, you must wait one month before asking for another re-review.

If you have anymore questions, redirect them to Yamataro, and it may end up here.